Quality is a priority…
According to the N° 183.2005 EC regulation, we are registered under agreement number FR 35.184.020, as animal feed producing establishment.
Our ambition of satisfying our clients’ needs and improving constantly its part of our daily routine. For this, it is important that we follow the management system based on the “QS Quality Scheme for Food” and also that we follow and apply the requirements relating to the standard ISO 9001.2008 (at the moment we currently deploy ISO 9001.2015).

LACTO PRODUCTION is certified for the following datum:

  • Milk calf – Limousin Promotion (requirements specification L02092)
  • Limousin calf – Limousin Promotion (requirements specification I3994)

Our team is very much focused in this direction, and our team is always supported by management, who are committed to providing all the necessary means to meet these standards and regulations.


To ensure the highest quality, all raw materials are rigorous selected for quality and consistency, then we systematically verify and analyse all products in and out of our factory. Lacto Production’s excellent knowledge and know-how of raw dairy materials is thanks to our laboratory and engineers who are dedicated 100% to ensuring all our products are of a high standard and subjected to an in depth, precise and high-tech analysis. Traceability is a priority for us, and we guaranteed this by using our GPAO (SPIE) system. In order to guarantee consistency of our products we pay particular attention to packaging, by using the HACCP safety management system in every step of our production, from manufacturing to storage.
On site we are able to complete the following analyses:

  • Protein
  • Milk
  • Fat
  • Iron
  • Crude
  • Ash
  • Lactose
  • Moisture
  • Casine
  • Solubility
  • NIR Analyses

All samples analysed on site are stored into a room.

Reliable Analysis
To ensure that our laboratory’s ability and performance we take part in inter-laboratory tests. These tests aim to highlight our ability to provide reliable and consistence results. For these tests, 6 samples are analysed and evaluated:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Lactose
  • Moisture

These tests are carried out for the agribusiness center of expertise, Actalia Cecalait, twice a year. The results allow and drive the improvement of our laboratory’s performance and analyses in order to provide our clients products of a high standard.